Top 10 Military Magazines And Ezines To Follow

Top 10 Military Magazines

MilitaryMilitary Magazines List.
The Best Military Magazines from thousands of Military Magazines on the web using search and social metrics. Subscribe to these websites because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information.

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Best 10 Military Magazines

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Military Magazines

1. Jane's Defense Weekly Magazine

Jane's Defense Weekly MagazineAbout Blog Jane's delivers critical insight and independent analysis of military capabilities, defense industry and market trends, terrorism and insurgency trends, country risk, competitive intelligence and strategy.
Frequency about 84 posts per week.
Facebook fans 16,280. Twitter followers 23,703.

2. Air Forces Monthly Magazine | The World’s Number One Military Aviation Magazine

Air Forces Monthly Magazine | The World’s Number One Military Aviation MagazineAbout Blog AirForces Monthly is devoted entirely to modern military aircraft and their air arms. It has built up a formidable reputation worldwide by reporting from places not generally covered by other military magazines. Its world news is the best around, covering all aspects of military aviation, region by region; offering features on the strengths of the world's air forces, their conflicts, weaponry and exercises.
Frequency about 3 posts per week.
Website airforcesmonthly.keypublishi..
Facebook fans 43,866. Twitter followers 4,235.

3. Defence Blog Magazine | Online Military Magazine

Defence Blog Magazine | Online Military MagazineAbout Blog is a source of International Defence, military and strategic news and information.
Frequency about 42 posts per week.
Facebook fans 59,946. Twitter followers 19,868.

4. Defense Update Magazine | Online Defense Magazine

Defense Update Magazine | Online Defense MagazineIsrael About Blog Defense Update is an online defense magazine published in Israel covering defense and security technology. Our fields of expertise cover aerospace, Land and Naval defense technology, Armor & Protection, Defense Electronics and Electro Optics, Missile Technology, Unmanned Systems and Homeland Security.
Frequency about 5 posts per week.
Facebook fans 10,844. Twitter followers 7,599.

5. Military Watch Magazine

Military Watch MagazineAbout Blog Military Watch is a provider of reliable and insightful analysis into military and military related affairs across the world. From Asia-Pacific tensions to conflict in Europe and Africa, an understanding of military developments is key to fully comprehending foreign relations and politics today.
Frequency about 7 posts per week.
Facebook fans 57,202. Twitter followers n/a.

6. Soldier of Fortune Magazine

Soldier of Fortune MagazineAbout Blog SOLDIER OF FORTUNE focuses on world and military and law enforcement news and adventure based on firsthand reports from all over the world. Our commitment to presenting the facts in their entirety sets us apart from mainstream news sources. Our editorial policy is pro-military, pro-strong U.S. defense, pro-police, and pro-veteran. We strongly support the right of the individual to keep and bear arms. By opposing tyranny of all kinds, we support the basic freedom of mankind.
Frequency about 4 posts per month.
Facebook fans 967,400. Twitter followers n/a.

7. Military History Monthly Magazine | Britain's Leading Military History Magazine

Military History Monthly Magazine | Britain's Leading Military History MagazineLondon, UK About Blog Military History Monthly is a Britain's leading military history magazine that brings you the history of warfare, written by experts. Military History Monthly aims to cover the whole range of military history – all arms, all periods, and all human experience. Subscribe to get latest articles from this magazine in your inbox.
Frequency about 4 posts per month.
Facebook fans 2,881. Twitter followers 4,138.

8. European Defence Review Magazine

European Defence Review MagazineParis, France About Blog EDR Magazine (European Defence Review) is the premier English-language journal focusing on defence-related issues from a distinctly European perspective. EDR is researched and created by the defence industry's most prominent and experienced journalists.
Frequency about 6 posts per week.
Facebook fans 104. Twitter followers 26.

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