Recent RSS Ground Fixes and Improvements

Making RSS Ground more effective and efficient is our major concern. That’s why we constantly improve our service including following your feedback and recent changes in online world. Please see the list of our recent updates. May be one of them will help you to improve your RSS Ground usage experience:

New tutorial on creating posting campaigns


As you know, to start sharing content from your feeds you need to set up a posting campaign.

We have created a new tutorial about creating posting campaigns for users of all levels. We’ve also covered some latest changes in service interface in this tutorial. So, feel free to take a few minutes to watch it.
Along with a step-by step video tutorial we also provide a text version. You will never miss a word.

Go see the new posting campaigns tutorial

301 redirect support in content feeds

RSS or any other content feed is a file which is stored on content provider’s server. We use feed’s URL to read it. But sometimes content provider needs to replace this file. After replacement feed’s URL is changed and those who uses old URLs won’t be able to read and follow latest updates in this feed.
And here is where ‘301 redirect’ comes into place. Content provider can set up ‘301 redirect’ and old URL will be redirected to a new file location. But not all feeds’ readers can work with redirects.
Now RSS Ground can easily follow feeds URLs which have 301 or other redirects. You don’t need to change feed URLs in your feeds reader, posting campaigns and content widgets if any changes occur.
Read more about 301 and other redirects


New LinkedIn posts links


Some of you could notice that links to latest posts shown in LinkedIn posting campaigns were broken. LinkedIn has changed its posts links structure. This did not effect the process of posting itself. But after a fix all links to new posts in campaign work correctly.
Learn more about reading campaign log

If you don’t use LinkedIn automated posting yet, you should try. LinkedIn is a huge social network. You can reach your targeted audience with regular updates to your personal news feed or your company page.
Learn more about LinkedIn posting campaigns

Content Widget fix

We have fixed an option of limiting a number of characters used for article description in Content Widget. Before the fix when using this option you could corrupt image links which were used in article description. Now this option works correctly.
We will continue updating Content Widget tool.
Content Widgets are another way of sharing fresh content to your website comparing to posting campaigns. It will help you generating a code snippet which can be place to any spot of your website and display latest news and updates from your content feeds.
Learn more about content widgets


Facebook token update


If you use Facebook content feeds or Facebook posting campaigns, you know that every 60 days you receive an email form us asking to update your Facebook token.
To update your token you don’t need to do this for each posting campaign or for each Facebook feed. Just authenticate your Facebook account either in Facebook Feeds or in one of your Facebook posting campaigns. All other feeds and campaigns will be updated automatically.
Right now you can be sure that your other posting campaigns are authenticated. In campaign editor it will tell what Facebook user it is connected to.
Learn more about Facebook tokens

Please enjoy!

We constantly keep improving RSS Ground and make it more powerful and efficient. And still consider all your suggestions and ideas in our development plans. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any feedback. We are always here to help and assist.

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