RSS Ground Change Log October 2018

Right now we are busy with our primary project – major design update for posting campaigns editor. It will be ready really soon. But we also take time to respond to your requests and suggestions. Here is our change log for October 2018:

Google+ Poster Shutting Down

Since Google stops its support of Google+ API we have also decided to shut down our Google+ Poster.
All Google+ posting campaigns will be stopped by the end of October. And Google+ Poster saved data will be completely removed from our servers by the end of the year 2018.
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Amazon Product Image Size

We have added a new option to our Amazon Feeds generator. Now you will be able to customize the size of product images in Amazon affiliate feeds.
Default image size is 160 px, but you will be able to set it in the range from 100 to 500 px.
Find this option in Advanced settings of Amazon Feeds generator.

Amazon Feeds user guide

ClickBank products search

We have improved product search and filtering in our ClickBank Feeds generator.
We will continue working with this tool. According to some of our users’ suggestion, with the next tool update we will add a new sorting option.
You will be able to sort products inside the feed by date, popularity or relevancy.

ClickBank Feeds user guide


Please enjoy!

And once again, with your suggestions and ideas we can make RSS Ground even better. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any feedback. We are always here to help and assist.

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