RSS Ground Change Log September 2018

Hi! We do our best to make RSS Ground the most reliable and convenient service to you. We constantly work on improving our existing tools, and also add new features and options. See our updates note for September:

Add Feeds to Any Existing Campaign or Widget


Now you can add your new or saved content feeds not only to a new posting campaign or content widget, but also to existing ones.
When you search for new public feeds, generate new private feeds or select feeds in your Feeds Box, you will be offered, on your choice, to create a new campaign or widget, or add your feeds to already existing campaigns or widgets from the list.

See this quick guide on how to manage your feeds.

Conveniently preview video feeds

We have updated our content feeds’ preview option.
Now when you preview your YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion video feeds in full view mode you can conveniently watch your video content from an original video player right in preview popup.
We will also be updating the option of posting content from video feeds to your WordPress and Blogger blogs. And if you will choose to post video content in full, it will also be posted with an original video player embedded into the post.


Feeds' images Aspect Ratio update


Most of the feeds contain images. And the most convenient way to quickly preview your feeds is to choose a “magazine view” mode. This way you see an image and a short description of each feed’s article.
We have applied a unified system of processing feed’s images and now you can see them all with the same ratio. This will improve the quality of images in preview popup and make it easier to review feed’s content.

Please enjoy!

And remember, with your suggestions and ideas we can make RSS Ground even better. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any feedback. We are always here to help and assist.

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