RSS Ground Changelog November 2018

Hey there!
Earlier this month we have announced a planned service maintenance. That was done in order to implement a new update we’ve been working on for the last several weeks. It includes user interface changes, new options and features, and some system changes. Please see the list of what was added below:

Major interface Overhaul for Social Posters

We continue our work on improving user interface. And this time we have updated our main social media posters: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They now have same streamlined user interface, with settings divided into Basic and Advanced sections.
Also we have improved the Content Feeds section in your posting campaigns with an option of previewing them right in the campaign editor.
Another advanced feature was the ability to add additional content feeds from Feeds Box to existing posting campaign in a few easy steps.

View detailed user guides

Facebook poster new options

In Facebook poster you have a new option now to add hashtags. You can add up to 10 hashtags to each post to your Facebook pages and groups.
Also, now you can only see a list of Facebook groups with RSS Ground app added instead of ALL Facebook groups you participate in.
If you wish to add RSS Ground app to other groups (so you could post there )and see them in the list, refer to our user guide.

View Facebook Poster user guide

Twitter poster new options

In Twitter Poster we added a new option of retweets. You can make posts to your main Twitter account and send retweets to up to two other Twitter accounts simultaneously.
Also a new method of posting was added: “Only link”. You can send just link from your feed’s item to Twitter, and Twitter will automatically compile a nice looking tweet with whole section clickable. The old method that sends title, description and link also remains.
Also, you can now skip using any link shortening services. All links will be sent to Twitter “as is” and will be automatically shortened by Twitter.

View Twitter Poster user guide

LinkedIn poster New option

As we have announced earlier, our LinkedIn Poster is compatible with new LinkedIn pages. Read more
And now we have also returned the option of making posts to your personal LinkedIn account. You can now go to your LinkedIn posting campaigns and add “My personal posts” as a posting destination.

View LinkedIn Poster user guide

New user limits

Recently, all major social network platforms have tighten their terms of services. This resulted in multiple bans of our users from using the social networks for violation of these terms. Most of the bans occurred for the overuse of remote posting feature.
Following the tendency of tightening of the rules, we had to restrict our posting options as well. We have limited the number of simultaneous posts to up to 3 at a time. This measure is intended to ensure your protection from bans and penalties of social networks.
We encourage you to create more posting campaigns with different posting schedules, use content feeds on various topics and from various content providers, and diversify your content marketing strategy among different social media platforms.

Read more about current usage limits

Please enjoy!

Our main goal is to make RSS Ground service easy to use and effective tool that helps you automate your content marketing efforts. And only with your suggestions and ideas we can keep making it better and better. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any feedback or suggestions.

And remember – we are always here to help and assist.

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